Real Guys Wear J.Hilburn

In the world of fashion, we’ve all become accustomed to seeing male models donning perfectly fit clothes, and posing for a high-paid photographer in some wonderful, picturesque location. The creative team then runs through thousands of images and makes their selects everyone ends up seeing; who can argue those J.Hilburn clothes won’t look marvelous?

Nothing against our model friends, and for certain no fault of J.Hilburn’s for showing their wares in the best possible light, but why not for once we gather some images of “real” men in their J.Hilburn clothing? We need to see that. After all, real guys with imperfect proportions, weights, heights and build are each looking for that perfect fit and personal style custom clothing brings. Guys, you need to know that the average male can afford luxury fabrics and custom-fit style. J.Hilburn is clothing for the college student to the Executive in his corner office. It all starts with your first custom shirt. Seriously, why spend $60 on a typical off-the-rack shirt not even made for you, when you can spring for twice that and get a perfect shirt made for your body and details that fit and shape your style?

Well, here it is—a recent collection of some point-n-shoot, non-modeled (though a couple men here have that possible flair), Googled images of…”guys wearing J.Hilburn.” Looking good, gentlemen.

  • 1-Real-guys-wear-j-hilburn_6
  • 2-Real-guys-wear-j-hilburn_6c
  • 3-Real-guys-wear-j-hilburn_6b
  • 4-Real-guys-wear-j-hilburn_2
  • 5-Real-guys-wear-j-hilburn_3
  • 6-Real-guys-wear-j-hilburn_5
  • 7-Real-guys-wear-j-hilburn_2b
  • 8-Real-guys-wear-j-hilburn_8b
  • 9-Real-guys-wear-j-hilburn_8
  • 10-Real-guys-wear-j-hilburn_4

p.s. Forgive the imperfections in lighting, framing, blemishes, wrinkles and occasional awkwardness in these images. They are after all, real guys wearing J.Hilburn collected from Google images. (That said, this site does not claim ownership to any of these images.)

There you go. Real guys. Real body types. Real J.Hilburn clothing. Nice, indeed. Men, once you experience how it feels wearing custom-made clothing, you begin to change. Your style, your image, your confidence, even your health. Imagine a wardrobe where everything fits you perfectly. Imagine looking better than you ever have. Imagine feeling like a million bucks for a couple thousand. Or just a couple hundred.

Have a Personal Stylist guide you into realizing your unique personal style, maintain your wardrobe and make it so you cut down those dreaded trips to the mall. Anybody can afford these luxury, custom fits, and real guys deserve to look really fantastic.

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